The Saga Continues: The Ever Given is Finally Floating Again on the Suez Canal

Fin-tastic news!

The Ever Given ship has been partially re-floated after blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week. Crew from Egypt and around the world have been working nonstop to try to re-float it. The operation took a whole lot of effort – including the use of tug boats, sand dredges and salvage companies. The latest attempt was being executed during high tide where the water was at its highest.

The ship, which is as tall as the Empire State Building, has been corrected by 80% according to the Suez Canal Authority. Efforts to move the boat would resume later on today.

The ship, and the debacle it finds itself in, has been on everyone’s mind lately due to the consequences that will follow the situation. The Suez Canal alone, has lost out on $14 million per day in transit fees. Not to mention the sheer amount of cargo, worth billions of dollars, which has been stuck behind the blockage.

That didn’t stop everyone on twitter from milking the situation for memes…

At least we got some pretty good memes out of it, right?


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