Spotlight: This Local Photographer is Capturing the Most Powerful Portraits

‘Cause we’re always here for local talent

Bahrain is filled with an overflowing amount of talent and we’re constantly trying to highlight it all. On that note, we’re starting this series to shed the spotlight on a single local talent each week. This week’s focus? Enas Sistani – AKA @solovagabong.

Enas is a Bahrain-based photographer who churns out only the best views – her feed will bless your eyes with spectacular sights, portraits and so much heart. She defines herself as a street, conceptual and portrait photographer – so she’s basically doing it all!

What’s more important, though, is that she’s trying to send a message

Enas was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and uses her photography to not only speak her truth but to also champion mental health. She said about the photograph below:

I wanted to portray the effects that words can have on people with mental illness. I have long been said that I was “always too depressed” or that “my mental illness is rubbing off on them” amongst many other things. That alone, could have an adversarial impact on one’s journey towards betterment.

Very powerful & very important content

Enas has been recently recognized for her work worldwide, including by the BBC & National Geographic.

Make sure you follow Enas on Instagram to keep up with everything she does (click HERE).

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