Local x Local: Yara AlDhaen Talks About Personalized Shopping on the Coolest Platform

How much time have we spent scrolling through a fashion site only to leave without a single find? We haven’t come across a platform that completely personalizes our shopping experience, ensuring that we find what we’re looking for – or it finds US.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Yara AlDhaen, Founder & CEO of Sept

You guys must’ve heard of it by now – Sept has taken social media (and the world, really) by storm since it launched not too long ago. The shopping experience has been completely redefined over here. You get to answer some questions which helps the platform personalize the choices for you even more so – by way of smart technology, of course.

Basically, you’d be more likely to find what you’re looking for, as opposed to the endless amounts of scrolling we’re used to doing. The point is, we all will naturally have different styles and fashion senses, so it wouldn’t make sense to go through the same exact websites, scrolling in hopes of finding a couple pieces that suit your style. That’s where Sept comes in – making the process extremely singular to each of us and our styles! It goes without saying that this platform has filled a gap in the market (and the fashion industry) since its launch. Yara told us that they’ve gotten 100,000 swipes so far, which clearly means something – we need Sept!

Sept girls have taken over

The brand was built with the girl as the main focus – she always comes first. The concept of ‘Sept girls’ is all about putting the spotlight on powerful and iconic women around the world. Sweaters with ‘Sept Girl’ written across the front were sent to many women who are influential in our community or around the world. Essentially, anyone can be a Sept girl – confidence is key and Sept is here to remind us of that!

If you usually shop online, this is simply a must

Sept exists to redefine our retail experience, and as we’ve seen, everyone has made note of that in the past couple of weeks! You can download the Sept app on the link below – to make your shopping life as personalized as ever!!


Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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