Egypt Held a Mummy Parade Last Night & It Was Out of This World

Like nothing we had ever seen before

Egypt just witnessed a historic parade that can only be described as a once in a lifetime event. In it, 22 mummies were moved from the old museum to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The mummies include 18 kings and 4 queens that were transported in chronological order of their rule.

The preparations were on full steam. The mummies were transported in special shock-absorbing vehicles on newly paved roads to ensure their safety. Each vehicle was heavily decorated and surrounded by a motorcade that even included horse-drawn chariots.

You can watch the entire livestream below:

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is set to open its doors on the 18th of April, where the mummies will be displayed in the Royal Hall for Mummies. If you’re looking to make a trip to Egypt, this museum should be the first on your bucket list!

We’re simultaneously freaked out and amazed!

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