Local Spotlight: This Fashion Brand Is Making a Name for Its Streetwear Aesthetic in Bahrain

Blessing us with its creative version of streetwear

And we love it! A local brand that we’re BIG fans of – Contrarium takes the concept of streetwear and REALLY run with it! The brand’s style is easily identifiable, what with its graphic pieces and street-like vibes. The pieces you find here are pretty unique and one-off. BOLD graphics paired with neutral base colors – making every hoodie or shirt perfect for everyday-use!

Even the photoshoots are creative! One of them was staged at a junkyard, which just ties in all the hip and ‘streetwear’ vibes, and it really works for the brand!!

Did we mention Contrarium’s got worldwide shipping? DM them right HERE to order your next fit!

Locals, we love seeing your talents thrive!

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