ila Just Launched its Premium Subscription & We’re All About That Exclusive Life

It’s time for ila Premium

Well, it’s safe to say that ila is constantly coming up with new ways to make us feel pretty special. When they launched their first debit card, everyone wanted to walk around with a new flashy green card – and we did! And now, we’ve got even more ila perks than we ever had before…

Basically, things have been kicked up a notch. Aside from your flashy green card, you can now subscribe to ila’s newest and hottest subscription: ila Premium.

Disclaimer: This is a subscription, NOT a credit card

Like we said, it’s a subscription, not a credit card, and it comes with a whole lot of perks that are gonna have you wanting subscribe right now. The process is as easy as getting your first card, too – all done through the app itself!!

There are 3 main things you need to know about the subscription:

1. When you subscribe to ila Premium, you get the World Debit Mastercard

You’ll get a brand new World Debit Mastercard in the mail, and that’s when you’ll get access to all the exclusive benefits of ila Premium.

2. Benefits exclusive to the ila Premium subscription

We’re talking access to over 1,000 airport lounges across the globe, every type of insurance you can think of – whether it’s travel, gadget or medical insurance – and exclusive offers at all our favorite local spots! To give you a sense for what you’re signing up for; you’ll get some pretty nice deals at Floward, Alosra and even hotels like Jumeirah Royal Saray or Sofitel!

3. ila Premium account benefits

When you subscribe, you get higher interest rates on both your accounts and hassalas, so we’ll all be reaching our financial goals pretty quickly. Not only that, but we’re even getting lower fees and charges on certain transfers or transactions we make!! For example, withdrawing cash while abroad is cheaper for Premium subscribers, and even free when you use Fawri or Fawri Plus for transfers over 100BD. Even when traveling or shopping online, you’d be getting better exchange rates on foreign currencies.

Last but not least, and for what we all want to hear – there are absolutely NO requirements for subscribing to ila Premium. You don’t need a specific job title or salary transfer – all you need to do is pay the annual subscription fee and you’re all set, with access to a world of benefits!


If you’re all about that ila Premium life, this is about to make your year a whole lot sweeter

Click HERE to download the app and subscribe ASAP.