This Company Built a Plug-in That Helps People With Autism Navigate The Web

Etisalat UAE just released some tech that is specifically targeted to make the internet safer and easier to explore for people with autism. The plug-in, called Wilder Web, was created with the help of psychologists and has been tested within the Autistic population.

While using the plug-in, the user’s experience on the web is completely transformed. Users can change color and font modes, block ads and even stop videos from being auto-played.

You can view its affect below:

1% of the world’s child population is diagnosed with Autism annually, which means tech like this is widely needed to make the world a little more accessible. Additionally, research shows that the internet is the preferred method of interaction by people with Autism.

The plug-in is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge – Click HERE to download it & HERE for a tutorial.

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