Spotlight: This Local Creative Uses Graphic Design to Make Bahrain Look Super Artsy

More local talent on the rise

And we’re super impressed! The Thick Line is an Instagram page run by a local Graphic Designer, Ahmed Fuad, who’s changing our perspective with all-things digital art. He doesn’t limit himself to a certain style, so you’d find all sorts of graphics on the account. Our faves are the Bahrain-centered ones – ‘reppin our hometown, of course! He produced a digital drawing highlighting the new Bahrain airport, and even has one of Bab al Bahrain – showing the more traditional side of our Kingdom!

We even found a couple of interesting animations, one of the famous Adnan & Leena cartoon from back in the day!! Check it out:

And, of course, the one that hit us hard was this throwback

Gen Z kids will never know… Saar cinema closed down a while ago, but our memories will forever live on. Ahmed produced this really cool graphic of it, with a certain type of vibe that makes it look like it’s something out of a comic!! Saar Cinema, we miss you…

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