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10 Things to do This Ramadan Weekend: April 15-17

Well, Ramadan has begun

We don’t know about you, but we think Ramadan is our favorite part of the year – the fasts can get tiring but the late nights, good food, ghabgas and family time at home ALL make up for it. Ramadan vibes are already coming in strong, and we’ve found a few ways to (safely) spend the weekend if you’re going out after Futoor! Scroll to check out your options:

Go horse riding at sunset

You can go horse riding through one of Kashta Tours’ many experiences! Click HERE to check out all your options – from trips to Jarada Island, to horse riding at sunset or cycling!

Attend this Ramadan ghabga at Sofitel

Ramadan nights are about to be filled with all sorts of events, from iftars to ghabgas and Sofitel has already started hosting theirs!

Go on this Street Photography spree with Maximize

Jaffar Al Haddad will be leading this experience on Saturday, and you can book to join through Maximize’s website – click HERE.

Try the newest seafood spot for futoor

Robyan Toast, Robyan tacos and basically Robyan everything. Pick a Ramadan night (or a few) this month and try it out!!

Play the newest Bahraini card game

Bringing you some competition to hype up these Ramadan nights! DM Asra3 Sare3 HERE to order a box.

Visit this Japanese Exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum

The exhibition is called “Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan” and is dedicated to the Tohoku region, which was hit by a tsunami in 2011. It sheds light on the important handicrafts from the region, so we know it’ll be both heartfelt and informative.

Check out the food trucks lined up at the Queen Yard

We mentioned this last weekend, and it’s still running! The Queen Yard in Budaiya has a whole line-up of food trucks out there, tucked away but full of life (and lights)!! The perfect spot to get some Suhoor options at, if you’re stopping by later at night.

Go LED Paddle board riding

Beach Culture have got some of the most exciting activities we’ve seen yet!! Swipe through the post to see when you can book.

Experiment with some Vimto recipes

Click HERE to check out some of these – and actually make them!

If you’re staying in, watch one of these Ramadan shows

There’ll be some cool showings on TV every night during Ramadan, a few that you’ll probably wanna look out for! Click HERE for the list of a few that’ll be running.

BONUS: Try thrifting at these local (but online) shops

If you haven’t already tried to, Bahrain actually has an abundance of thrift stores operating online or on Instagram, that you can get a few cool pieces at. Click HERE for the full list.

Have fun, eat lots of food stay safe!

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