If You Haven’t Tried Thrifting Yet, Here Are 10 Local Online Stores to Get You Started

Let’s get thrifting!


Thrifting is all the rage right now, not only does it really make our lives easier by saving us some cash – it also is a great way to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. There are so many online accounts where you can get everything from a new fit to even some name brand plugs. Scroll through to check them all out:

Thrift Store BH

Starting out hella strong over here with this Birkin! Thrift Store BH has so many name brand products for you – you should check it out right now!


If you’re into band tees and all that nostalgia – this should be your go to account!

Bahrain Closet

So much variety in here – and some hidden gems!!


Another account that’s bringing us thrifted name-brand clothes like this Calvin Klein dress!

Thrift Finds

A great account to visit if you’re looking for some basics – they’ve got a lot of summer options that are great now that the weather’s getting hot.


The Marias

The Marias  have made an oath to fashion: stay sustainable, stay affordable. With pieces starting at 500 fils, literally every one of us can find something amidst all their vintage and thrifted pieces.


Not all clothes on this list – Reminiscence is bringing us some variety with these super chunky sneakers!


Another shop that has loads of great summer options – definitely one to check out!

BSPCA thrift shop

Not strictly all clothes over here – BSPCA’s thrift shop has so many hidden gems from instruments to houseware and everything in between and it all goes towards a great cause!

Happy thrifting!

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