It’s Happening: The First Arab Mission to the Moon Is Set For Takeoff in 2022 by the UAE

Fly us to the moon…

That’s exactly what the UAE is planning to do with it’s upcoming Lunar Mission. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre has just signed a deal where they plan to hitch a ride to the moon with Japan’s ispace, inc. It’ll be the first mission of it’s kind in the Arab world & honestly we couldn’t be more excited!

This historic mission is set to have the UAE and Japan as one of only 5 countries that put a spacecraft on the lunar surface. The three other countries being: the United States, Russia and China. The UAE has even bigger plans ahead of them, the CEO of MBRSC stated,

Our mission through scientific endeavours such as the Emirates Lunar Mission is to keep the UAE flag flying high and be at the forefront of countries contributing to scientific achievements that will change the future for humanity.

Yousuf Hamad AlShaibani – Arabian Business

We’ll be watching…

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