Must Watch: NASA Just Released The Footage Of Its Perseverance Rover’s Mars Landing

Mars-mania is at an all time high

The Perseverance Mars Mission was announced by NASA all the way back in 2012!! It finally landed last Thursday and NASA just released the live footage today! Check it out below:

The Perseverance mission is aimed at investigating astrobiology and attempting to find proof of past life in Mars.

This is the second NASA rover to reach the red planet, as the the Curiosity rover landed in 2012. Also, it’s one of three (yes – THREE) missions to reach Mars just this month – including China’s Tinawen-1 mission and the UAE’s historic Hope Mars Mission!

Safe to say there were many challenges

Entry, descent and landing is a very critical time for the mission, they even refer to it as the “7 minutes of terror.” This is when the rover sheds the spacecraft and deploys its parachute to attempt to slow down enough for a safe and successful landing.

Congrats to the NASA team

We can’t wait for all the out-of-the-world discoveries & all all the footage that comes along with them!

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