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These 10 Local Spots Dropped Some Ramadan Treats & You Guys Need to Try Them

Are you day dreaming about futoor right now?

‘Cause we are… We sit here, behind the screen, with empty stomachs and too many torturous photos of all these Ramadan goods. We thought we’d share a few of them with you, just to share the hunger! Think about it this way – we all now have a few spots to stop by at after futoor, or even before if you wanna be ready for dessert early!

A few local spots and businesses have put together some Ramadan goodies, perfect for our post-futoor sweet tooth, or to take along with you to Ramadan ghabga or gathering!! Scroll to check some of these out:

Red Croissant Bakery

Red Croissant Bakery now has the yummiest-looking kunafa cups, and you can get them at any of their branches – or pre-order them online! Click HERE to check out all the goods you can get.

Roast Coffee Roastery

Roast has brought back some of its Ramadan specials – this latte cake AND some Lugaimat! Both beautifully packaged for an at-home gathering, might we add. You can pre-order and pick them up from Roast’s Janabiyah or Riffa branches!

Nomad Urban Eatery

Nomad is back with its Um Ali cake, and it’s simply a must-have on every Ramadan dessert table – Nomad knows best! Not only that, but another couple of exclusives on the menu is the Ramadan layered mint chocolate cake and Pistachio Raspberry cake – we already know how great these will look (and taste) on any table this month.

Lilou Artisan Patisserie

Lilou has us covered for any occasion ever, and every Bahraini or local can confirm that. There’s a whole collection of Ramadan delicacies, and it goes without saying that Lilou’s baked goods never disappoint.


We’ve heard many stories about the Dlish chocolatey desserts, and we tried them to verify that they are, in fact, THAT good. Now, Dlish is here with a Ramadan special: Mango Trifle.

Cocoa Core

Cocoa Core’s got the Ramadan packaging aesthetic and all, and we can confirm that a box of theirs is a much-needed addition to any dessert table after futoor!


Heritage has got a couple more aesthetically pleasing Ramadan options for us, and the containments are all delicious! Little bites and mini desserts for many, many flavor options.


Chocomelt is pulling through for us – by way of cheesecake!! A box full of flavor, and that’s not all we’re craving from Chocomelt right now… Pro tip: grab a box of mini dynamites while you’re at it, they’re the perfect gateway to summer.

Too Bakery

Agaily & Karak and Too Bakery have collaborated – bring us only the best Gerga3on treasure box!! You can start pre-ordering them now, and you should do so ASAP – while they last!

Creolate Chocolatier

We trust Creolate’s many chocolate options – everything we’ve ever tried was simply delicious, and this Ramadan-centered collection makes for the perfect giveaway this month!!

Happy Ramadan Binge-ing!

But also – eat slow and take care…

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