11 Totally Funny Tweets To Get You Through This Week

We all need a little bit of humor in our lives and sometimes the perfect place to find that is the internet. What would we do without tweets from people around the world that make us laugh or at least send out a “lol” text message?

Scroll down below to check out 11 hilarious and totally relatable tweets to get you through the week!

1. Ahh the Dalgona coffee days… felt like a lifetime ago

2. This hit us hard not gonna lie

3. Who’s going to try this

4. True natural acrobats

5. Anyone who has a cat can totally confirm this

6. Kids with the jokes

7. This right of passage


9. Cena enough

10. In the car jamming to music and the GPS interrupts the best part like

11. Can this be anymore relatable

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