13 Funny Memes About Online Classes In 2020 That’ll Give You A Good Laugh Today

Are you or someone you know doing online schooling in 2020?

Millions of people around the world had to discover Zoom video calls for the first time and it somehow became a part of our daily lives, from work meetings to online school classes. With all these video calls happening everyday, there’s bound to be some hilarious things happening on there either by students, teachers, or professors by accident or as a joke but ultimately it gave us all a laugh on the internet!

Below, are some of our favorite online school moments from this year that was posted on social media!

1. The self care student

2. When students peace out

3. The one who is there for attendance

4. When you value sleep over everything

5. The muter on Zoom calls

6. The one with excellent oral hygiene


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7. When your professor is a 1D fan

8. When you get to see a dog on a Zoom call, it’s everything

9. When you wake up 30 seconds before the class

10. That bad internet connection life

11. The introvert

12. What every Zoom call looks like TBH

13. When you’re social life is on Zoom