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This Donut Shop In Bahrain Serves Ice Cream Inside A Watermelon

On a hot day, nothing feels better than cooling down over a nice bowl of ice cream. Luckily we’ve found something that’s even better.


Ever had soft serve Ice cream sandwiched between a slice of watermelon? Inside a mango cup? Sound refreshing doesn’t it?

Well, you can enjoy that in Manama at Lofty Donuts!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a light and refreshing treat this summer at Lofty Donuts, who brought this delicious snack to Bahrain and has been a hit with the crowds.

Lofty Donuts, a popular Bahraini donut shop that gives Dunkin and Krispy Kreme a run for their money has recently introduced this much-needed summer bite.

Soft serve ice cream is served inside a slice of the watermelon where the seeds are replaced with chocolate chips, or in a cup carved out of a mango.

Go and get it for only 1.2 BD (watermelon) and 1.3BD (mango/pineapple) at the Arad and Salmabad locations!

Available all day. You’ll thank us later.