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7 Fun Things Around Bahrain To Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Summer of 2020 has been a very different experience for all of us while things have been temporarily closed since March to ensure the Kingdom’s safety measures to combat COVID-19.

And now, with extreme safety and caution, Bahrain is entering the phase of regular life and there are amazing experiences for y’all to enjoy!

Scroll below to check out a few things you can enjoy before the summer ends!

1. Visit the Mall of Dilmunia

This is a must-visit for all your dream activities under one roof! It isn’t like one of the regular malls. This mall has an indoor ice skating rink, and it has A HUGE aquarium with all aquatic activities.


2. Swim at a beach resort

A dip in the ocean is what we all need to cool off in this August heat. Pack your bags and go on a mini getaway weekend at Novotel or Reef Island and enjoy amidst the waves of relaxation!

Novotel website.
Reef Island website.

3. Sip on some coolers

We all certainly and rightfully need a refreshing chilled cooler that literally cools us down. Try out something chill from Gathering Cafe or if you’re a caffeine lover, then grabbing an iced latte from your quintessential Starbucks or a Spanish Latte from Dose will do the trick.

4. Eat your antioxidants

Summertime requires all of you to keep your body filled with Vitamin C. Fill your stock with fresh fruits from Lulu or Carrefour or try amazing fruitilicious salads from Juice and Salad in Busaiteen!

6. Watch the sunset

Sunsets are the prettiest moments of the day, literally a massive painting! Go on a chilled out drive to Nurana Islands or Malikiya beach to witness this beautiful moment in full form!

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6. Go on long drives

Long drives are the most underrated form of having fun in this world! Bahrain is a tiny country but there is so much to discover.

Take the route to Durrat appreciating the expanse of the desert. Enjoy your way towards Marassi via Amwaj Islands to enjoy the gorgeous blue sea. 

7. Spa it out!

Rejuvenating spas should definitely be on the top of your list this summer. Try out some soothing spa routines at Jacques Dessange Salon and Spa, Al Areen, or the Coral Bay Spa


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