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Here are 5 Places In Bahrain To Grab A Tasty Hot Dog On National Hot Dog Day

Can this day be an official holiday already?

We’re living for today because it’s national hot dog day! Nothing beats a good grilled hot dog, sandwiched between a perfectly toasted bun, and topped with ketchup and mustard. That’s a great summer snack, tbh.

To celebrate this day, here are a few places you might want to check out!

1. Eighty Thirty

This vegan spot makes meat-free hot dogs that literally anyone will love! They’re available for delivery through Talabat for 4.5 BD.

2. Mr. Hotdog

Have you ever had a malghoom HOT DOG before? If you never knew that existed and now want to try it, head to the newly opened Bahraini spot, Mr. Hot Dog in Budaiya for a pick-up order.

3. New York 973

Mmm… these hot dogs are FIRE-GRILLED and loaded with the good stuff! You can also opt for a classic ketchup/mustard duo but if you want to go on a little hot dog adventure, order online for delivery through Talabat, Carriage or Hunger Station.

4. Wazzup Dog

This spot in American Alley and Hamala Hills is a classic place to grab a couple hot dogs in Bahrain. They’ve even got a hot dog SALAD if you wanted to try something new! Order on Talabat or visit their branches for pick up.

5. Franks A Lot

Head to this spot for some some classic CORN DOGS! You can also order it online from their website here.

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