Great News: Bahrain Just Got Its First Electric Car Charging Station

The Minister of EWA, Engineer Wael Al Mubarak and Sheikh Nawwaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa just launched the first electrical car charging station in the Kingdom! The newly-built station is fully set up in the Atrium Mall in Saar & it’s one of many stations that are planned around the island.

Electric car owners can now charge their cars and use their credit card as a payment method. The station supports three types of connectors: Type 2 AC Connector, CHADEMO Connector, and CCS Connector.

Electric cars are set up to be the next big thing in Bahrain

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism announced in January that it will be screening applications for the import of electric cars and their chargers. The Ministry aims to regulate the import, sale and circulation of said products within the first half of this year.

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