NASA and SpaceX Just Launched a Whole Crew into Space in a Recycled Rocket

NASA and SpaceX just launched the first manned recycled rocket into space yesterday with 4 astronauts. The rocket is headed to the International Space Station and will reach its destination today (Saturday, April 24th).

One of many firsts achieved with this mission

Additionally, this mission is the first commercial  crew capsule to include astronauts from 3 different countries! To commemorate the occasion, the crew decided to start a little tradition where they wrote their initials in the rocket’s soot.

The most mind-blowing part of the story, though?

Astronaut Megan McArthur actually sat in the same exact seat her husband sat in when the capsule initially launched! He, was standing where she stood back then – waving goodbye. Pretty wholesome, right? You can spot her in the picture below – she’s the second from the left.

All in all – a bunch of cool stuff happening, right here!

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