These Locals Shot a Video at 2000 fps for the First Time in Bahrain & It’s Super Satisfying to Watch

Locals turning heads!

For the first time in Bahrain, a video shot at 2000 frames per second is out for us to see! bMedia Production, a Bahrain-based video production house, has collaborated with the marketing team at Bahrain Airport Company to present a set of short videos titled “Bahrain Moments,” highlighting the best of Bahraini culture and heritage! The videos were shot in “super slow motion” and will actually be shown on LED screens at the central zone of the new Bahrain International Airport!!

The videos pose as a series of local moments, essentially taking us on a cultural trip through Bahrain’s villages, the desert, sea and spice souq – all the traditional valleys of our island! The shots even feature the “only remaining Bahraini ship builder.” How cool is that? All in all, this is the first video of its kind, shot at 2000fps that we’ve all come across in Bahrain so far!

Props to the team involved for producing such an amazing video of Bahrain!

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