This Gym Is Fully Decked Out & You Don’t Even Need a Membership to Go

HV Holistic is a ‘Hol’-In-One platform that is the only CHEK licensed institute in all of the GCC. They are the first of its kind and offer a wide range of services. They focus on creating a healthy lifestyle by balancing your physical and mental health. And let’s face it, at this point we all kinda need it, let’s see how:

1. Private Corrective Training

The CHEK licensed trainers at HV Holistic provide one on one private corrective training sessions. They curate a workout plan that suits your body the best, both physically and mentally.

2. Not Just A Gym

As mentioned earlier it’s a one stop shop for all things health; they also provide services like consultation and sauna. But the best part of it all is that they have a Styku 3D body scanner which is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to track the progress of your body.

3. All in one

HV Holistic is a fusion of analysis, assessment and diagnostics from a certified CHEK trainer to improve your physical well-being by helping you have a balanced lifestyle.

4.  Professional care

These practitioners are highly qualified in what they do and work hard to draw out the best possible program for your body and mind.

5. No Membership Fees

Saved the best for the last. You read it right! They are not charging any membership fees so go on and get started on that summer body (and mind).

To check out their website, click HERE