This Local Bookshop Is Making Us Want to Curl Up With a Novel This Weekend

For the perfect cozy weekend

Calling all you bookworms – this local store has us wanting to forget the rest of the world exists and get lost in some good ol’ literature! Rich Bookshop’s the perfect place for anyone who wants to score a great deal on titles that range from classics, to poetry and even children’s tales. No matter your cup of tea, we’re sure you’ll be able to sink into a new great read here!

Tucked away in Sanad, this little initiative has been running wildly successfully in Bahrain for over 3 years – connecting book lovers to one another and keeping their love for reading alive. It’s one thing to still read these days, but it’s another to read on actual paper as opposed to screens like our tablets, Kindles, and more. Kudos to Rich Bookshop for being a force to reckon with and keeping the love of lit alive! And what’s in it for you if you buy from them? Other than just supporting a local business, you’ll also be helping encourage sustainability in the smallest ways: this store sells not just new books, but also used ones – all sanitized and in mint condition. Go check out the store and get yourself offline!

Happy reading!

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