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This Local Clothing Company Is Trying to Tackle Mental Health Issues With Their Hoodies

Mental Health Issues Hoodies

Mental Health is an aspect of our daily lives that we often take for granted, or ignore altogether. But if ignored, it could cause grave problems for you down the line. Well, Sey&Adi is a Bahraini clothing brand that’s spreading awareness about mental health issues using its hoodies.

Now in their soft launch stage, Sey&Adi has already released their first piece. An oversized black hoodie with a very distinctive heart.

Did you know that according to a study, around 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders around the world? And that number is only going to increase.

When we spoke with them about this imagery they said, that it is not actually a heart-shaped print. They said, “the print is a representation of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, to which the common population is in some way are affected by it but never aware of its gruesome mental and physical effects”.

They go on to explain that the weary eyes on the print are the side effects of medicating such a disorder, where patients tend to feel a momentary and temporary state of zen and relaxation. They believe that psychiatric and psychological medical care should be accessible by the public and subsidized in order to medicate this severe yet neglected disorder.

Sey&Adi may just be one of the most inclusive brands available to the public right now. When asked about their idealogy, they had this to say:

“We believe in neutrality, which arguably is defined as non-opinionated or simply unsupportive. Instead, we believe in being unbiased and unprejudiced in our fashion line. We are a genderless & body-positive brand and are here for all. In the freedom of expressing ourselves. We believe in the exceptionable state of you. We believe in neutrality, in mankind, and in style.”

And, we can’t lie, these hoodies look really good too. Check out Sey&Adi and place your order now!

Mental Health Hoodies

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