This Local NFT Artist Has Recreated an Ancient Dilmun Artifact and It’s Now a Part of the Metaverse

A part of Bahrain’s history in the Metaverse!

Leena Al Ayoobi, a renowned Bahraini NFT artist is a popular name in the digital space! And during the March 2022 NFT MENA Exhibit, Ayoobi featured an ancient Dilmun artifact that dates back to 2,000 BC.

An ancient artifact!

What’s amazing about this piece of digital art is the fact that Leena Al Ayoobi unearthed this artifact in the form of an NFT. It originally was a copper bull’s head excavated in 1955! Now, this NFT is part of the Metaverse world. She created 3 different forms of this sculpture, reportedly titled – Sea, Culture, and Mystery!

Modern Art, Rich History

Most of Al Ayoobi’s work reflects the heritage of the Arab world, its women, and its culture. While she’s a local favorite when it comes to digital artists, Al Ayoobi made quite the name for herself designing Radio Bahrain’s NFT, and one for Binance as well!

We’re loving this revolution in the art space with NFT artists like Leena Al Ayoobi!

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