This Toronto-based Photographer Was Recently in Bahrain & Took Some Stunning Shots of the Island

Alan Palander photography Bahrain

Beautiful island!

Bahrain is a small island with hidden beauty. Also, many photographers aspire to showcase that in their photography. What’s more, Alen Palander a famous Toronto-based photographer was in Bahrain last week and took some amazing shots of the island!

Even though Bahrain is a small island, it has a lot of beautiful scenery, history, and heritage to capture. To add, Alen is an excellent photographer with a unique vision of the places he visits. Take a look at these photos of Bahrain by this photographer and you’ll see what we mean!

Alan mentioned, he really enjoyed Bahrain’s beautiful sunsets and he’ll be missing them! It’s worth mentioning that this was the photographer’s first visit to Bahrain and has left him energized and inspired. Guess our tiny island always passes the vibe check!

The country is detail oriented and this is something I really wanted to embrace through these visuals. I hope you enjoy them and get the chance to visit Bahrain someday!

Alan Palander

His photos are mesmerizing to look at and totally make us feel like exploring Bahrain more. Keep taps on his talented shot by following him on Instagram here!

Mad photography skills!

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