This 10-Year-Old Local Just Published Her First Short Story and We’re So Proud

Nawraa Sayed Mortada young author in Bahrain published Adventures in Space

A young local voice!

You probably know that budding writers start young, but this 10-year-old is definitely a standout. Nawraa’s short story was just published with the help of the Ministry of Education’s help, and we can’t believe it’s the work of someone who is so young. It’s witty, it’s snarky, and it has a great sense of style.

What’s more, it has a unique voice that feels like nothing else out there right now. This probably is because we can see the world from a 10-year-old student’s perspective! If you’re interested in reading some fantastic writing from an author with a unique perspective on the world, check out her short story “Adventures in Space”!

About the author

Nawraa Sayed Mortada is a fourth grader at Diraz Primary School for girls. She just released her first English story titled “Adventures in Space”. As a student, Noura had previously won first place at the primary school level country-wide in the “Your voice is a poem” competition. In addition, she was honored by the ministry for excellence in writing, speech, and casting, as well as she went to many poetry, drawing, and craft workshops.

with the encouragement and support of her parents, and the support of her teachers and school principal, she was able to publish her first story, and that she will soon seek other editions, and dreams of reaching global spread, God willing

Nawraa Sayed Mortada

Nawraa mentioned that she came up with the idea during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Moreover, she spent most of her time at home, got bored, and thought: what if I had a spaceship to leave Earth and get to know other planets? Since then, she started to imagine what could be on those planets and started writing.

How did she write the story?

She developed her writing skills, and Nawraa says that reading has helped her a lot, as she read with passion. Additionally, Nawraa said that reading helped her get many ideas, stories, and grew her imagination. She added, whenever she went shopping with her parents, she was always on the lookout for children’s stories, and always insisted on buying them to read. It’s worth mentioning that she was a devoted reader, as she summarized the stories and kept them in a private notebook.

Nawraa hopes to become a teacher when she grows up to teach future generations and encourage them to read. She said: “reading is fuel for the soul and mind”.

The story

It’s about a boy who went to space in search of new planers with a group of friends. They faced some obstacles and overcame them together. Nawraa wrote the story to teach young children that nothing is impossible and good people always triumph.

Ministry of Education’s support

This accomplishment comes as part of the results of the Ministry of Education’s support for talented and creative people in all schools. What’s more, the Ministry of Education embraces the eminent elite of its students in the field of talent, innovation, and creativity. Offering them a diverse, advanced, and continuous series of enriching activities and programs, especially in the Talented Student Care center.

Young Bahraini author!

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