Calling All Students: This Uni’s Hosting a Conference on E- Learning

Discussing challenges in the education sector

We have talked about the first ever American- style university in Bahrain and its unique approach that helps its students engage and excel academically and otherwise. But this time, The American University of Bahrain is hosting its first ever Innovative Learning and Teaching Conference, “Lessons from COVID-19” (AEL 2021).

All you need to know

It’s no doubt that these are hard times for everyone but the education and learning sector has been hit very differently. And that’s exactly what AUBH is focusing on. The conference will bring together speakers, thought leaders, top educators, researchers and technology experts from around all the region, hosting 12 speakers, 16 sessions, and 2 workshops. Academia Experts will gather to discuss challenges and develop solutions for real- world challenges in the education and learning sector.

P.s. Speakers from different parts of the world will attend virtually.

Wide range of topics that will be discussed

Everything on blended & online education, AI in education, digital content creation, and challenges of virtual learning & so much more will be talked about in this conference.

The main aim of AEL 2021 is to bring together scholars, educators, students & professionals to present their work, share their knowledge, action- based research & findings, and more with their colleagues and the academic community. 

Highlighting the impact of pandemic on education system

The conference sessions and speakers will highlight challenges faced by students of different sectors, as well as formulate strategies that will help in forging the gaps caused by this pandemic in the fields of e- learning and teaching.

With a hybrid modality, the conference will be held from 24th of May – 26th of May 2021, where speakers will host the event on campus (Riffa) with attendees joining through virtual technology.