This Local Event Planning & Tour Company Is Bringing Italy to Our Island

‘Sometimes we dream of Italy’

We are all aware of how hard but much needed a vacation is these days, and we know a place that is giving us all the Italy feels, right here, on our island – Itaviate!! It’s safe to say that the founder of Itaviate is deeply passionate about Italy, to the point where we like to call her “the unofficial ambassador of Italy.” Itaviate is an event planning & travel advisory company that specializes in promoting the Italian culture in Bahrain. Their unique themed events and customized tour to Italy will basically make you feel like a local Italian!!

Made in Italy but curated in Bahrain

Itaviate, just like Italy, is recognized for its relentless elegance and style. Being the first brand in Bahrain for an all Italian experience, they have some very exciting events lined up.

One of them is an Italian themed Cooking Class event in collaboration with our very own Cico’s restaurant. Here you get a chance to enjoy a cooking session with renowned Italian chefs in Bahrain. The vibe is unmatched, you will have the culinary experience of your life!!

P. s. every once in a while they write about an Italian resident in Bahrain

Bel Paese Italy

Itaviate is the only specialized tour operator that will help you see Italy in a way that you never expected. Everything from the captivating beauty of Italy’s culture, cities, cuisine & so much more are the essential elements that you can explore with the help of Itaviate.

As exciting as travelling to a different country is, it can also be a bit overwhelming to plan where to go & what to do in such a short span, but don’t worry! Itaviate’s got you!! They can customize your trip to Italy according to your preference and even provide advisory, so if you’re into cooking, historical landmarks or football, Itaviate is all you need.

Ciao guys! See you in Italy!

To register for their one of a kind Cooking class, Click HERE! Hurry, only limited seats available!!