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We Asked You What Your Fave Local Shawarma Spots Were & Here Are the Top 15

You can never really get bored of shawarma, can you?

No such thing, in our opinion… We’ve come back with another one of these lists to make you all super hungry!! We had many of you asking about an updated list of the best shawarma spots in town, so we asked the community to help us locate the most popular ones. And, as always, hundreds of you pitched in! The result? We’ll be craving shawarma for the next few weeks… Here it is, the go-to shawarma list. Scroll below to check out some of Bahrain’s best:

Al Zahlawiya

WHERE: Manama


WHERE: Hala Plaza


WHERE: Click HERE for all the locations!


WHERE: Budaiya


WHERE: Jurdab

Shawarma Mama

WHERE: District 1, Janabiyah

Bombo Shawarma

WHERE: Riffa, The Park

AlShoala Restaurant

WHERE: Click HERE for all the locations!

Sameeh Restaurant

WHERE: Click HERE for all the locations!

Lebanese Restaurant

WHERE: Click HERE for all locations!

Al Hantour Turkish Grills

WHERE: Manama

Shawarma Park

WHERE: Riffa

The Street Shawarma

WHERE: Riffa

AlKatkoot Express

WHERE: Muharraq

And of course, Haifa

via Google images

WHERE: Adliya

Some honorary mentions have got to be Hit N Run Shawarma, Ya Salam, Flamethrower Shawarma, Al Jabriya Restaurant, Shawarma Franco and Al Mudeef – just in case you guys needed a few more options!!

Well, this is probably the only list you’ll ever need for the go-to spots for shawarma in Bahrain.

Binge well and stay safe!

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