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You Can Up Your Mask Game With These Local Spots

Staying safe is extra important right now

In light of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we want all of you safe and healthy! The best way to do that is to stay calm, avoid social gatherings, and make sure you’re wearing a mask at all times when in public.

Here are some great local stores to support while buying masks:

Ninousha Fashion

Rana Tabbara’s designs will give you that pop of colour during these dark times, and all her face masks are available to shop online HERE.

The Sunshine Masks

The Sunshine Masks will give you just that – feel-good, hypoallergenic, sustainable masks that come with their own little pouches for safe storage.

BH Masks

These masks are available to purchase online, and come in kids’ sizes as well!

Posh Chic by Vivi

Posh Chic by Vivi is based in the Juffair area and showcases some really classy stuff – check them out!

Stay safe, Bahrain.

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