You Have To See These 14 Photos Of Bab Al Bahrain, Taken 71 Years Apart

This Instagram account, The Old Bahrain, features exactly that: the old Bahrain. In a way we faintly remember, or in a way we weren’t even around for, and it’s honestly the coolest thing to see.

This photo series shows two versions of Bab Al Bahrain, taken from exactly the same spot but 71 years apart – swipe through to see the difference:

Bab Al Bahrain

A bonus Bab Al Bahrain seafront photo in this one, from way back when! Crazy to think about how a lot of the spots we’re so used to today, were even a concept back then. It was all land and sea… and super cool vintage cars. Bab Al Bahrain will forever stay the most iconic spot in Bahrain, though!

Is anyone else feeling a certain type of nostalgia right now?

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