Sharjah’s 4-Day Work Week Leads to a Drop in Road Accidents & an Increase in Productivity

A great initiative!

According to a study presented during a meeting of the Sharjah Executive Council, Sharjah’s four-day work week contributed significantly to a drop in road traffic accidents by 40%. It’s been 8 months since Sharjah adopted a four-day work week and during the first three months of the new routine, the emirate noted a huge reduction in traffic accidents and deaths compared to the previous year.

Not just accidents though, the new working week also lead to a significant drop in the emission of gases such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

The employees reported feeling healthier and happier, with more time to spend with their families and in return, an increase in productivity has been seen! Talk about work-life balance!

Work to live not live to work!

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