An Online Gallery Is Exhibiting This Bahraini Artist’s Works All About Manama

Sometimes it takes seeing your country in a new perspective to better appreciate it

Jaffar Al-Haddad is a local up and coming artist who specializes in the documentation of Bahrain. His background in Architecture coupled with his artistry allows him to attempt to preserve scenes from Manama as it evolves and changes and he showcases Bahrain through a completely new lens!!

Jaffar’s works are currently being exhibited on BAWA

BAWA is a contemporary virtual gallery based in Kuwait. His current exhibition consists of architectural photographs of our capital, Manama.

In one series of works, he pairs carefully composed photographs alongside maps of the city in order to:

provoke the viewer to imagine the city beyond the frame

Jaffar Al-Hadad – Bawa

We’re always here for Bahraini artists being highlighted internationally


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