4 Up and Coming Bahraini Artists You Should Follow

Bahrain has a buzzing art scene, with many galleries, openings and exhibitions happening all the time. It’s amazing to see the faces behind the artists that are absolutely killing the game with their skills!!

Here are 4 artists you should check out ASAP

Zainab AlSabba

Zainab Al Sabba specializes in minimalistic mixed media works that really make you contemplate life itself. Her installation pieces are simple yet so thought-provoking and we can’t look away!

Salman Al Najem

Salman Al Najem mixes and matches traditional Bahraini references with international ones. Each piece of his is literally an experience on its own.

Lulwa Al Khalifa

Lulwa Al Khalifa is a self taught artist who paints in vibrant colors and plays with the way light reflects off her paintings.

She recently participated in the Great Lockdown Exhibition – which is still going on at the Bin Mattar House for all you gallery lovers!!

Ahmed Alasad

Ahmed Alasad’s paintings are filled with caricature-like portraits, they’re vibrant and expressive and always manage to make a statement – a freaky one, and we love it.

We’re here for all this local talent!!!


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