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This Museum Opened In Riffa And It’s Every Collector’s Dream

For locals, by a local!

A young Bahraini, Hamad AlKoheji, has been working on something cool for quite some time and it’s finally here. Bahrain’s unique museum of countless different collections of art, TV & film-related things – curated by himself for us all to see!!!

Hamad carves, models and paints many figures of different characters from cartoons or movies, as well as collects signed pieces from different artists, singers or other famous personas and showcases those in his museum as well!

He sits there and works on almost everything that’s being showcased by HAND! Clay modeled, painted and museum-ready, basically. Serious (and labor-intensive) stuff happening, guys…

Like this model of Hogwarts, for one…

It’s a whole process, and he’s showing us exactly what goes into the making of all his cool figures!

You’ll find a lot of childhood favorites around the museum and there’s really a corner for all types of fanatics and their setups!!!

Support local and go visit, people it’ll clearly be worth it!

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