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Local X Local: Mashael Alsaie Discusses Women In Film And The Idea Of Representation

The creative field is one that is constantly changing and a bubble that keeps growing. The representation of different ideas we see in the visual arts unfold as different artists bring their own vision to the table.

The film industry is one in which representation & misrepresentation are simultaneously under the spotlight.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Mashael Alsaie to discuss her photo & video art and the ideologies she challenges through her work

Mashael is one of those artist who challenge ideologies posed by the industry and society as a whole. As an Arab woman & a creative in general, she had an interest in the underlying messaging that is found in photo & video art.

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For Mashael, producing photos or videos is more about capturing the conversation happening between herself and her subjects

The end product of this is something of an ethereal nature, revealing the many layers to her work as well as the stories that unfold with every piece she produces.

Also, as a middle eastern woman who has seen how women like herself are represented in film or the media, Mashael wanted to take this idea and interpret it by producing images that serve as a portrayal of her own experiences.

The Great Lockdown Exhibition

Mashael has some work up at the Great Lockdown Exhibition in Shaikh Ebrahim Center, the Bin Matar House!

As part of a series of self portraits, Mashael poses as her different family members & how she can represent them within and through herself. Again, portraying the many layers and conversations had, captured as framed moments. Support local & visit the exhibition!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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