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Local X Local: Mohamed Ali Talks About Virtual Learning And How It’s Changing Education

Bringing entertainment to learning

With the pandemic in the background of our lives this year, traditional ways of education as we know them have changed drastically.

To further promote social distancing, every school, university or learning platform has had to tweak its methods to accommodate online learning. This means that everyone has come to terms with the fact that you don’t actually need to show up and file into a classroom or lecture hall to be able to successfully learn something.

On this week’s episode, we discussed how the education system is changing with Mohamed Ali, coach and founder of Tumooh, a virtual learning platform

We’ve all had struggles throughout our education at some point or another, whether it was a learning process we couldn’t get behind or a teacher that couldn’t get through to us.

Mohamed has a vision to make learning fun for our youth, by getting through to them using methods that they understand and can relate to. By bringing entertainment into education, he makes people WANT to continue learning something new.

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By identifying the gap in the current education system, Mohamed was able to fill it by utilizing the digital platform to create Tumooh, which uses local Bahraini jargon to reach the youth of Bahrain – and spanning across the GCC – to promote a more fun learning experience.

Tumooh offers CV writing tips different to the basic information that you see on the internet, showcases futuristic ideas such as what jobs will look like in 2030, and even helps jobseekers prepare for interviews.

How can Mohamed help you?

On Tumooh’s IG page, Mohamed has created informative tips for everyone to benefit from. Not only that, he occasionally holds IG LIVE sessions to discuss different educational and learning matters related to what Tumooh stands for.

The virtual webinars that he holds are short sessions that he announces through Tumooh, and they are interactive learning sessions that are different from the typical, rigid webinars that are usually overloaded with information – which isn’t always easy to follow. Tumooh takes ‘rigid’ and throws it right out the window!

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Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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