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Local X Local: Sheema Al Nafisee Talks About Life With Water And Chasing Dreams

Sheema Al Nafisee About Life With Water And Chasing Dreams

In our region, having access to clean water is the norm, and so we don’t spend too much time thinking about what it would be like not to have it. Unfortunately, not all parts of the world have that luxury, and Sheema Al Nafisee has gone on to understand what that really means.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Sheema, founder of Elysian Water and CEO of Skan For Water, to get her two cents on life as a Saudi entrepreneur and how to turn a concept into reality

Her journey with Elysian is backed by years of research, as well as an entire process of sourcing clean water, enough to be able to provide quality, bottled drinking water to the world.

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Sheema is a leading entrepreneur in our region, one that’s passionate about ideas that we don’t often think about. Quite simply, water is the essence of life, and Sheema wanted to investigate that further. Her findings showed her that water isn’t sourced equally, and there was definitely a gap in clean drinking water that is accessible to everyone.

This is what primarily inspired Skan For Water, with a mission to supply clean, pure bottled water from Norway, to this region.

Sheema’s time living in Norway became an important milestone when developing Elysian

Norway is a leading country in sustainability, which is the main reason why Elysian’s water is bottled in Norway, using fully recyclable Grade 5 plastic.

Her campaign, #ThirstForMore is not only promoting pure water quality, but it has a deeper ‘life’ meaning, of constantly just striving high and literally, thirsting for more out of life.

Sheema identified a problem, and strived to be part of the solution

Sheema shares an inspiring message about how to run after your dreams, and shut down the nay-sayer within yourself and become the support system that you need.

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