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Local X Local: Music-Loving Dentist Bisher Abotouk Discusses Patients Performing At The Clinic

Music-Loving Dentist Bisher Abotouk

While many people are reluctant to head to the dentist’s office, some artists in Bahrain are eagerly experiencing the most unique teeth cleaning ever.

Meet Bisher Abotouk, a Bahrain-based dentist whose love for music has found a way into his dentistry career, giving artists in the region a new platform to perform in!

Bisher’s clinic is transformed into a studio as he invites his talented patients to play music or even sketch while getting their teeth done, proving that a trip to the dentist isn’t as bad as we make it seem!

On this week’s episode, we’re joined with Dr. Bisher Abotouk, a Bahrain-based music-loving dentist to discuss his Dent N Tunes project

Bisher discusses how the idea was born and the impact it made on artists in the region as well where the project is headed in the future.

Scroll down below to read more on the interview and listen to the entire podcast below!

Bisher‘s Dent N Tunes project wasn’t planned

In fact, the entire thing happened accidentally! Bisher details the moment it all happened when his friend Hazem Al Rawas came in with his guitar and got asked by the dentist himself to play while getting his teeth done. The rest is history.

The unique project also helps out artists

Bisher will often discount or completely waive off the dental bill for artists who perform in the clinic, which is totally supportive of creatives in Bahrain!

Dentistry runs in the family

Bisher is completely passionate about his work and love of transforming smiles, which is something that was passed down to him by his dentist mother Dr. Inas Adi, saying he spent most of his childhood growing up in the clinic!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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