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Local X Local: Bahrain Photography Told Through Visual Story Teller Ishaq Madan

Visual Story Ishaq Madan

There’s seriously nothing like Bahrain photography and the ones that highlight this beautiful Kingdom. One person who’s trailblazing the photography community is Ishaq Madan, who’s visual representation of this island is so powerful and unmatched.

Ishaq’s photography unfolds story after story of Bahrain’s culture, one look at this social media will have you immersed in many pockets of the island’s heritage.

The self-taught photographer definitely has a natural eye for capturing beautiful moments, so we sit down with him to delve deep into his thoughts on photography!

On this week’s episode, we’re joined with the photographer himself, to discuss his photography journey and all the little details that come with it

Ishaq discusses how he got his start in photography and how eventually he found the importance of highlighting Bahrain through his lens.

Scroll down below to read more on the interview and listen to the entire podcast below!

Ishaq first got into photography at the young age of 8

Although he fell in and out of the hobby throughout the years and really got back into it during the iPhoneography era of the late 2010s.

He’s got a rule on travelling…

Ishaq tries not to visit a place twice, unless it really makes an impact on him. His Japan adventure was the exception where he’s willing to go travel that unique culture he fell in love with again.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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