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Local X Local: Sarah Nabil On How She Became Bahrain’s First Female Producer And Composer

Producer And Composer Sarah Nabil

You have certainly heard of Sarah Nabil before, or heard her voice on the radio on your way to work or school! She is a trailblazer in the region, who’s hard work, talent, and the help of her incredible team at Outlaw productions is constantly pushing her music career to the next level.

The host of the Breakfast Show at Radio Bahrain is the region’s first female music producer and composer in her genre, creating some of the catchiest tracks coming out of Bahrain with her mentor DJ Outlaw and the rest of the OP team.

The powerhouse artist not only remixes, produces, and composes music, she also sings, giving us more reasons to get excited about her upcoming projects

Just one listen of her latest track “Good For You” will have you singing it all day.

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Sarah Nabil to talk about how her career in music all started, her big milestones, and working with the Outlaw Productions team.

The radio host by day and producer by night discusses the experiences she’s had to get her where she is today.

Sarah’s dedication and passion to music is a source of inspiration for many in the region and around the world to go after what they are passionate about and give it one hundred percent.

Scroll down below to read more on the interview and listen to the entire podcast below!

Sarah is a self-taught music artist

When Sara was 17 she began her journey in music production and it was around this time she had met DJ Outlaw who has been her mentor ever since.

She was involved in the creative space Malja

Malja was a platform in Bahrain for creatives to come in and perform, do open mic, get together and be around other artists before it was a part of Red Bull Bahrain.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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