Mosques In Bahrain Are Set To Reopen For Fajr Prayer Starting This Friday

Mosques In Bahrain Fajr Prayer

The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs has just announced that Bahraini residents can now perform their Fajr (dawn) prayers at mosques on the island, as they are set to re-open starting Friday, August 28, 2020.

Mosques in Bahrain have been temporarily closed since the begining of the global COVID-19 pandemic, when Bahrain officials made swift decisions to prevent the spread of the virus on the island but the decision to reopen comes with strict guidelines to follow.

Scroll below to read the guidelines

According to a post shared by the official Islamic Affairs account, the guidelines to adhere by are as followed:

1. Mosques to be open for Fajr prayer only
2. Friday prayers will be limited entry
3. Women and children under 15 are not allowed to enter and seniors are encouraged to pray at home
4. Prayers will be stopped if the Mosque is not following health and regulatory requirements
5. No gatherings by the Mosque doors during the entry and exit process
6. Mosque will be open 10 minutes before and after prayers to organize and maintain social distance
7. Residents are encouraged to pray at the mosque closest to their homes.
8. Bathrooms will remain closed
9. Residents are asked to bring their own personal carpet with them
10. Masks are required
11. Temperature checks at the door

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