Support Local: This Cat Rescue Is Hosting A Garage Sale To Raise Funds For Their Shelter

Cat Rescue Bahrain

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend on the island, you should visit Rescat’s garage sale and help some kitties out!

Rescat is a non-profit cat shelter in Bahrain that works to give stray and abandoned cats a second chance at a good quality of life. They work around the clock to make sure cats with heartbreaking stories can move forward to loving, permanent homes and they’ve successfully helped many animals find their furrever families either overseas or right here in Bahrain!

Animal charities like Rescat rely totally on volunteers’ time and donations to pay vet bills, purchase cat food and supplies, and keep the charity running

Which is where this garage sale comes into play!

Check it out as you might find something you’ll like from books, jewelry, clothes, toys, household items, and more. All the items come from Rescat’s online charity shop which you can access here and here.

Plus, it’s sustainable to the environment so everybody wins!

They are following strict COVID-19 precautionary measures so make sure you contact ahead of time to get the location and confirm you’re coming and wear a mask. Only 5 people can enter at a time and anyone displaying symptoms won’t be able to go in.

Scroll down for all the details

Here’s what you need to know:

WHAT: Rescat’s garage sale to raise money to cover the costs of the shelter.
Seef | WhatsApp 33109507 for location
Friday, August 28 | Saturday, August 29
11 AM – 7 PM | 11 AM – 5 PM
Free entry | Items are 500fils upwards | Pay by Cash or Benefit Pay

You can also donate directly to the charity online here.

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