15 Breathtaking Photos of Bahrain’s Khamis Mosque

Al Khamis Mosque is the oldest mosque in Bahrain and holds such an important place in the history of the Kingdom. Photographers regularly click this important monument and create beautiful eye-pleasing shots.

Scroll below to check out some of the best shots of the Al Khamis Mosque till date!

1. The sky complimenting the beauty of the structure!

2. Intricate details make for such fabulous pictures

3. A MUST visit spot and the image proves why!

4. Another gorgeous shot playing with the contrasts!

5. A shot so serene, you can stare at this view for HOURS

6. The sunset only enhances the shot

7. Yet another nature’s beauty with Al Khamis’ grandeur!

8. The structure looks amazing at any given time of the day

9. A perspective shot never looked better

10. Diggin’ the vintage vibes of this shot!

11. Kudos to this unique framing

12. This very accurately timed shot is absolutely stunning

13. Sneak peak of the mosque amidst the palm trees… The essence of Bahrain!

14. Looks like it was shot at different times of the day…simply incredible

15. And the lastly, this night shot capturing the blessed monument!

These pictures just proved how fantastic the structure of one of the oldest monuments of Bahrain is!

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