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Local x Local: Wafa Alobaidat Walks Us Through The Life Of A Successful Businesswoman

Businesswoman Wafa Alobaidat

Meet Wafa Alobaidat, founder and CEO of Obai & Hill, a massively successful, award-winning PR and Design agency in Bahrain as well as the Women’s Power Summit, the region’s biggest female empowerment event.

Wafa is leading more and more women in the region to work on their passions and build successful careers either through her own team at Obai & Hill or through connecting with the community.

And while Bahrain is known for its fast-growing economy and for being a prime fintech hub, creating opportunities for many on the island, however, it’s just in the past decade the Kingdom has seen more and more women taking on leading roles, which Wafa is trying to encourage in the region.

On this week’s episode, we sit down with Wafa Al Obaidat, a Bahraini entrepreneur to discuss her journey of owning brands, bridging the gap in the community, and connecting like-minded people to each other

While we delve into the years just before her career began, it becomes clear that Wafa’s drive for entrepreneurship and hard work ethic has always been instilled in her and shaped the work she’s done to this day.

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Wafa’s education at the University of Arts London opened a lot of doors

In London, Wafa started working with passionate designers and really showed her how ambitious a dream team can be.

She’s also a triathlete who’s competed in marathons around Bahrain

Wafa has competed in Ironman and Boost runs, while also took part in organizing Together Apart, Bahrain’s first virual race !

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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