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Local x Local: Sandi Thom Sheds Light On Bahrain’s Animal Rescue Community

Sandi Thom BARC

One doesn’t have to be in Bahrain for long to learn about Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre (formerly known as Tony The Dog Father Animal Rescue).

If you’re not familiar, BARC is Bahrain’s largest animal shelter with currently over 600 dogs and cats in their care! We sat down with the president of BARC, Sandi Thom, to discuss the rescue’s work in the Kingdom, how much manpower does it actually take to run a shelter on the daily, and what the community can do to get involved.

On this week’s episode, our discussion with Sandi sheds light on the inner workings of a nonprofit, volunteer-run animal rescue center and what it takes to run one

Sandi has been working on rehabilitating animals ever since she arrived to Bahrain and its something she feels is important work to do, especially with the cases of stray dogs we do have on the island. BARC alone have helped re-home hundred of cats and dogs in and out of Bahrain, which is super inspiring!

Scroll down below to read more on the interview and listen to the entire podcast.

Sandi’s work doesn’t stop with shelter animals

BARC spays and neuters stray dogs to decrease the amount of stray animals on the island as well as feed them, they rescue abandoned animals and take them to the vet, they run fundraising events to raise funds for the shelter and more.

On the topic of what can the community do to lend a helping hand?

Sandi says that the shelter can always use donations either direct cash funds or dog/cat food, litter, etc. Those who are thinking of adding a pet to their family should visit the shelter and meet the many friendly fluffballs available for adoption, as well as those not ready to commit to a long term pet but want to open up their doors can foster from the shelter! There are also volunteer opportunities for those who can give their time.

She also shares a beautiful message for the community you can listen to in the podcast as well as to find out how to get involved!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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