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Local X Local: Hamad Al Saad Talks About Holistic Health Coaching And Wellness

Local X Local Hamad Al Saad

The journey to wellbeing really does start from within, and achieving any goal depends on how we shift our mindsets in order to see it through.

We sat down with Hamad Al Saad to talk about the reason why he decided to take initiative in addressing matters of food psychology and the method of holistic coaching to help others.

On this week’s episode, our discussion with Hamad Al Saad, known as The Nourisher, brings to the table the concept of holistic health coaching as a method of helping people be more accepting towards themselves

Hamad has cultivated a platform by which he can reach people, coaching them with holistic methods and more of a humanitarian approach. The first person he helped was himself, at a time where he couldn’t find someone who did what he currently does, and that was his biggest drive to make a change.

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Hamad wanted to do more to contribute to our community with the knowledge ha had gathered

What started as a personal journey didn’t stop at just that. He sits down with his clients to really understand their own wellness journey, and where they want their ‘process of change’ to lead them.

What can Hamad do for you?

First, he will listen to you. And, with The Nourishers Tribe, you can be connected to a wellness coach that’ll help you in your journey. His main objective is to reach out to and help as many people as he can, and by creating this platform, he also helps other coaches reach even more people.

Collectively, he will be touching many people’s lives with the level of effort he’s put into his business – by himself, for the people!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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