Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Candy? Here’s How!

*Sponsored by Spun Candy

You know, the one where you overdose on all-things-sugar


And for the cherry on top? You get to have a hand in making your candy at this spot.

Spun Candy at The Avenues mall gives you sugar, spice and everything nice. Seriously though, you’ll find every sort of candy piece you’d think of in here!!

There are in house candy-making masterclasses where you’ll do exactly that – make a lot of different sugary stuff! We all know that kids aren’t the only ones go wild for candy – us adults might even be on an upscaled sugar craze… These masterclasses are for all ages, so good news for us all!!

Did we mention you can get your selfies remade – as a face-sized lollipop?

They’ve got an absolutely delicious selection of sweets here, all natural flavors and handmade at the in-house candy kitchen.

And for our recommendations?

The fudge and honeycomb definitely come out on top. Fudge that’s so creamy and soft, and honeycomb that’s crunchy and DOES NOT get stuck in your teeth! All in all – the candy was extremely flavorful, like, the best of flavors.

Ready to make your own candy? Call 17001366 to book a spot in the masterclass!!

Yes, guys, it’s real and your sugar kick is calling