Forget Fancy Rides, This Bahraini Group Is Running 400KM to Riyadh

Move over planes, trains, and even cars! Abdulla al-Eid, Abdulla Al Thawadi, Aziz Mattar, and their crew are taking a much more unique route to Riyadh for the upcoming Saudi Founding Day celebrations: running.

That’s right, these marathon masters are ditching the comfy seats for blisters and sweat, all while conquering a 400km journey on foot across the King Fahd Causeway. Talk about an epic way to celebrate! The Manama to Riyadh challenge is what it’s called!

Five to eight days. 400 kilometers. Desert heat. These guys aren’t just pushing their limits, they’re sending a message of respect and shared history to their Saudi neighbors. Plus, let’s be honest, bragging rights for the ultimate adventure story are pretty sweet too! All of this is under the patronage of HH Sh Khalid Al Khalifa.

Stay tuned for updates!

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